Can hypnosis help find lost things?

Yes, this has worked several times for me. What follows is an unusual example.

A man came who had lost some money. After he had cashed a birth gift check for his new born son, he had taken the money to his home office and hid it there. When he went back a week or so later he could not find it. So he engaged me to see where he had hid it.

I knew that somewhere in his mind a memory existed of exactly what he had done with the money. I had no doubt that forensic hypnosis could recover that true memory. He was perplexed because he had looked everywhere.

In the pre-session talk the older man talked about his younger wife. I did not think much of that at the time.

In the session I took him back to the bank and receiving the money, searching for memory details of the trip home and hiding the money. The more details you recover on the way to the hiding the more details you will recover about the hiding itself. He insisted that he secreted it in a particular place. However that is one of the places that he had looked.

In the midst of having those memory recoveries he said a couple of times that his wife was not there when he did this or that.

Red flag.

He was an older man with a very young wife. Of itself a young wife is not bad and more power to you. However, some times it can be a marriage for the younger woman about something other than a loving marriage relationship.

After the session he was disappointed that he had not recovered a memory of where the lost money was.

I was convinced that he had hid the money in the place as he had recovered the memory. It was a large amount, and he was understandably upset at the loss. While expressing his feelings, he brought up that his wife was not there when he hid it. Again?

I just asked why would she take the money. I bind-sided him. Before he could think to defend his wife, he said that she is not good with money.

What did that have to do with my question I asked? My question I said was why WOULD she take the money. (A little NLP trick) “Are you saying that she is not good with money in answer to THAT question?”

He looked at me like I had shot him with a gun. He had been involved in a deep, can I say even emotional, blinding to the situation to protect his wife and more specifically himself.

The wife had taken the baby’s money for some shopping. Yes, she was not good with money. This was later confirmed.

Out of the hypnosis session we had found the money.

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