Guardian Angels Pt. 8

Guardian Angels Pt. 8

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What about Balaam and the Guardian Angel?

a angel and balaam

The story of Balaam is a case of double duty.  The angel is acting to protect both Balaam and Israel, Numbers 22 – 23.  There is an old saying in Texas … figuratively speaking … the angel is “killing two birds with one stone”.  


On the one level the angel is guarding Israel.  


Balaam is on the road to curse Israel.  Curses are real.  We like to think that they are just psychological ploys to cause a person to make his own problems.  But the guardian angel did not see it that way.  He saw the need to intervene in advance.  


It being said that curses are real should not be frightening because there are the guardian angels

a guardian angel

as in the case of Balaam.  


It is shown in the story of Balaam that the ones who do not deserve the curse or who have a purpose in God’s greater plans are protected by the guardian angel.  


Summarizing the story, we are told that Balaam had sold his services to Balak.  Balak wanted the curse to on Israel so that he could go to war with them and win.  [This is somewhat reminiscent of Moses raising his hands to God during a battle, the children of Israel were then winning in battle, Exodus 17:11.  As Moses hands were raised, Israel won.  

a moses raises his hands

When his hands lowered, Amalek prevailed.]


Balaam asked God if he should do this.  But God refused him permission to do the curse.  Notwithstanding Balaam finally choose to do the curse anyway.  


The guardian angel stood in the way that Balaam, who was riding a jackass, took.  At first the ass was able to see the ministering spirit, while Balaam was not.  The animal would not go forward a couple of times and finally balked by laying down.  At the final balking, Jehovah opened Balaam’s eyes, and he then saw the angel of the Lord.  


The gest of the event was that Balaam recognized the error of his way and he repented of that he would have done.  He told Balak that he could only bless Israel because God had blessed them, and he could not reverse that.  Of course this is a thumbnail sketch.


So on one level it may be argued that the Guardian Angel was protecting Israel from the curse.  If the action of Balaam in cursing would have been empty, the angel would not have wasted his time.  


Balaam had reason to believe that the cure could work else why at first would he go to do it.  He would not receive the reward for the deed if it did not and would most likely have been killed.  We can only deduce from this that curses are real.  


At the same time we are informed in the story that Balaam discover that he could not cure and it be effective since God had blessed Israel.  Therefore in that situation it would be a useless gesture.  Maybe Balak the King would feel better at the cursing, but it would be baseless joy.  


Considering what happened, there was though a guarding of Israel.  War with Moab was averted at that time by the ministering of the guardian angel.  Even though the curse would have been ineffectual and Israel would have won, there would have been war.  The angel saved them from that war at that time.


Most would say surely this could not happen today.  But can it?  As far as the children of Israel at that time were concerned, they could not see and knew nothing about the ministering of the guardian angel.  


I want to give you something to think about here.  There was a CIA program which went on under several names.  It is generally known as remote viewing.  

a remote viewing

Without a lot of details here, they were mentally going into adversaries’ facilities and seeing what they were doing.  At least, that was one example of what they were doing.


That sounds out there, but we and the Russians were doing it.  There were stunning results from the remote viewing program.  


They were doing things like finding where there were weapons stored in Iraq.  They were locating minefields in Vietnam.  They were looking into research labs in Russian and China.  They were gathering actionable intelligence mentally.  Things like that.  


They got to thinking about their abilities and protocols they were perfecting.  Somebody came up with the idea, if we can go into places like we do why can we not go into the place between someone’s ears and cause them problems.  [Psychic Warfare.]   For one example, they were wondering if they could go into a military leader’s head and scare him about a possible war campaign.  That might cause them not to do it or make bad decisions if they did try to do it.  This would be a form of cursing.  


[This is not a far fetched as it may sound.  I show how to use some of these principle in my book

telepathy book

The Healing Secrets of Telepathy for Healers.  In that I used it for blessing … healing … and not for cursing, psychic warfare. ]


This was done in history when the Druid priests

a druid priest

would stand on the other side of a river away from the coming Roman army in England.  During the night, they would send messages confusing and scaring the soldiers.  This was done mentally, psychic warfare.  


When Moses used it in the raising of his hands, cursing was for good intent.  Cursing is not always negative.  I wonder sometimes if this was not done to Hitler during the late war.  He did go nuts.  He was even drawing up battle plans for armies that did not exist.  

a hitler planning

Yes, he was on drugs from a quack doctor.  But in the secret world of warfare who knows what was done.  What I have learned, makes me wonder.


I was waching video by one on the remote views, and he talked about the psychic warfare program.  He and several others were tasked with the mission of messing with leaders of foreign adversaries.  They were doing things like sending fear and confusion into their thinking.  


This man was not religious and did not believe in angels.  But he said that more than once, several times, when he tried to mess with certain people’s heads, he was blocked by angels.  [God must of had some purpose for those individuals.]   This man became a devout believer and especially in angels.  I thought to myself how much that sounded like what happened with Balaam.  


Only the ones tasked to do the psychic warfare encountered seeing the angels mentally.  The angels were there but unseen normally.  


The great God is in control and still uses his guardian angels.  


On the second level, Balaam was shown the error of his way and brought into confession that he had sinned and straightened up his life.  The angel was also guarding Balaam.  The angel got his attention.


I had a man tell me an incident many years ago.  This man had a desire to be with his best friend’s wife.  Having learned that his friend was going on a business trip, he spoke with the wife and expressed his desire.  [I am trying not to be explicit.]  


She agreed to a rendezvous.  I do not remember exactly what day of the week.  She said her husband was leaving on Tuesday so come over that night at 7.   


So when he got home on Tuesday, he rushed into the shower and freshened up for the evening encounter.  Looking at the clock, he realized that he was running late.  


He jumped in his car and buzzed down the road.  


He had not gotten very far when he ran into a speed trap.  

a speed trap

For some reason the officer had decided to run radar right in his path.  For some reason the man had decided to take that road.   


So, he had to wait for the ticket.  

a ticket writing

This was the days before cell phones so he could not call.  He was getting impatient for sure.  


Having received the ticket he headed down the road again.  He came to a stop sign

a stop sign

and in a rush did not come to a complete stop.  It was a Hollywood stop, but it was not a complete stop.  Another policeman saw this and did a Barney Fife.  


The man had to wait for another ticket.  For some reason he was at that stop sign at the same time Johnny Law was watching that very stop sign, waiting for someone to do a Hollywood stop.  


He got on the road again and finally headed down rendezvous street.   To his terror he saw his friend’s car in the driveway.  So he did not stop.  


You see his friend’s trip had been canceled, and he had returned home.  Had the man not been stopped by those cops, he would have been caught in the act.


The next day he called the woman and said maybe this is not a good idea.  She had also been frightened all night that he might show up.  The affair never happened.  


Guardian angels work mostly unseen.  One ticket trap maybe.  Two less probable.  Could it have been that the guardian angel had arranged this in advance?  Who can say?  But if you read the signs, the message is the same.  The guardian angels do prepare things in advance to protect you, but you do need to listen and act accordingly.  


These lessons we do see in Balaam and the angel.


Guardian Angels Pt. 1

Guardian Angels Pt. 1

[I have a book of Introduction to Angels at]

What is an Angel?  


angel blowing trumpet

In ancient times the word angel simply meant a messenger.  Alexander the great called his ambassadors and emissaries angels.  


The ancient ones divided the messengers into three classes, heavenly messengers, earthly messengers, and chthonic messengers. [Chthonic has to do with the underworld, hades, the realm of the dead.]  But the basic sense of the word was one who carried a message.  


These three classes are also seen in the Christian Bible.  There was the angel, a heavenly angel, that stood in the way of Balaam as he went to curse Israel.  

angel and balaam

There were the three men, earthly angels, that came to Abraham.  

 abraham and three angels

They brought the message of the coming birth of Isaac. There was the appearance of Samuel after his death.  

saul and the witch

He came with the message to King Saul concerning his coming death.  Having, by the witch, been brought back from the realm of the dead, he was a chthonic angel, brought back from hades if you will.  

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