Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies   Pt. 2

Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 2

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Preface Pt. 2

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Sometimes we reject the simple way because the simple way is not what is commonly approved of.  Some of the therapies we will look at would fall into this category for some people.  We have had it pushed into our head that certain things are not right, and so we reject them no matter what evidence is given.  For medical issues it is the best way that is looked for without regard to what might be the normal case in our life or society.


My uncle Ervin was born in 1923.  As was the the case in those days, the country doctor came out to the farm

old farm housewhen my grandmother went into labour.  There was a complication.  Grandmother was in labour and the baby was breached.  


It was one of those classic scenes that you watch in the movies.  Old Dr. Blake was considering an emergency c-section on the kitchen table.

a farm kitchen


 There was no anesthesia for such, but it was looking like the only option.


Grandpa’s head was spinning, but he tried to comfort grandma.  In the midst of that he said,  “If it was a cow, I would stick my hand in and turn it and it would come out.”  


Dr. Blake suddenly had an idea.  



At that point grandpa said he was so mad because the doctor excused himself and left the room.  Grandmother was asking for the doctor.  


In a couple of minutes the doctor returned with my uncle Eddie.  He was a young teenager with skinny arms.  As a farm boy he had seen this done with a cow once, and the doctor was there instructing him.  Long story short, he reached inside his mother, turned uncle Ervin, and the complicated dangerous surgery was not needed.  

farm boys

Sometimes the simplest way is not what you would normally want to do or think is right or may even be abhorrent to you, but it is the best thing to do.  


There was a man in the Bible who rejected a simple healing.  His servant rhetorically told him that he would have done the complicated thing, but he would not do the simple thing?  He did the simple thing, and it worked fine.  



Can hypnosis be an alternative medical treatment?


Yes. That is not to say that one should set aside licensed medical advise. But in conjunction it can be helpful and in some situations it may be a better treatment.

Many years ago I saw this first hand. It was past time for a lady to deliver her baby. The doctor told her if she did not naturally deliver in two weeks (if I remember the time correctly) he was going to do a c-section.

A friend told her to come see preacher Bill. Understanding that the doctor had said it was time, I was willing to take on the case. I would not have done anything without that implied clearance to start hypnotically the birth process.

In the pre-hypnosis talk I began to see a thinking problem. This was her first child. She had a mother who had repeatedly told her how horrible the delivery would be. Other friends had reinforced that thinking.

While I will admit that the birth process can be for some horrible, I was thinking here that she had developed an inordinate fear of birthing and was unknowingly holding it back.

That being said I also mentally noted that I have known women that recounted the birthing as not horrible (not to say it was fun). One lady even said it was poof, and she had a baby. It was very easy for her six times.

Every woman and every birth is an individual person and event. I am thinking that much of the horrible birthing experiences are because the lady thinks it will be horrible. If you think you can not have a relatively easy birth, then you are right.

I know I am a man, and I know nothing.

I talked with her about the non horrible experiences of some and discussed the above things more deeply. I also noted that birthing was natural and all things considered can be a beautiful natural experience if she would let it be so.

In hypnosis I reinforced the possibility that she could have a beautiful and natural experience as many other women have. There is no reason that she could not. I also mentally took her into the the delivery room and though the birthing process, having her visualize an easy birth. This was done in the evening.

[I only did this delivery room visualization because the doctor said it was time. Doing this can induce labor.]

The next morning the baby turned. Soon she had an easy and natural birth.

That was certainly better than a c-section.

There is now evidence in medical literature that c-sections and artificial inducements create some increase possibilities of dangers for the child and mother. Sometimes these things are necessary, but when there is time, hypnosis may be a better treatment.

(That was before I knew augmented reconnective style healing. It might work also. See now the page on augmented reconnective style healing. Depending on the circumstances, I might choose modalities other than hypnosis. But hypnosis has a place in the healing arts.)

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