The World’s Greatest Liver Cleanse is …

The World’s Greatest Liver Cleanse is …

Liver Cleanse


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Medicinal Enema  Pt. 9

Medicinal Enema Pt. 9

See previous parts for important information.

What is the Correct Frequency of Enemas?


How often should you have an enema?  How should you schedule them?


Scheduling of enemas is truly a personal matter.  There is no one size fits all in this.


In Gerson therapy they even do coffee enemas 4 or 5 times a day.  


That might be a little impractical in your normal lifestyle.  But there would be nothing harmful about doing this.  If you are just doing the one to one and a half ounce enemas, morning and evening, that is not impractical.  And if you are using instant coffee, I find it about the same amount of time as brushing my teeth.


Some might say that instant coffee is not the best.  I might argue the point.  But I can say that it is better than not doing anything.  


If you just do a good water only enema quick flush, it is beneficial.  I know that the clean out is going to help.  


One example, some times I have the seasonal allergy issue of the Texas Hill Country, cedar fever.   

juniper tree

It is not really a fever, but it feels like it.  And you just feel bad.   When I get to feeling awful bad with this, I just do an enema flush.  [Sometimes coffee enema; sometimes just water]   I always feel better almost instantly.  

Since I started doing enemas, I have noted that the seasonal allergies are greatly diminished in severity.  It appears that there maybe some long term benefits in improved health.  Remember that generally allergies are a sign of an immune system that is not working up to par. As we have noted before, enemas can improve your immune system.


Whenever you feel in anyway out of sorts or sick, it is time for some type of enema.  I can almost assure you that you will feel much better.  And even if you do not feel much better, you will feel some better, and there will be side effects benefits in overall health and healing.   


When you are having an illness, emotional, or health issue, for the duration of the problem an enema each morning will be beneficial.  If you can do others during the day or at bedtime, all the better.  [This includes enemas beyond the coffee ones or just water.]


What about a coffee enema at bedtime?  

Remember as mentioned before coffee received in enema has an affinity for the liver.  That is where it goes.  Surely some does get in the blood, but it is not like drinking coffee, which thereby keeps you awake.  


Everyone reacts different to caffeine.  Try a coffee enema once at bedtime.  Most people, it is reported, do not have a problem with sleep related to a coffee enema.  If though it is a problem for you, do not use coffee at that time.  Use just water or enema with another herb.


For just a general cleanse, you might consider an enema every morning and/or evening for a week or a month.  When the colon and liver are clean everything else cleanses in course.  



Medicinal Enema  Pt. 8

Medicinal Enema Pt. 8

See previous parts for important information.

What is This about Coffee Enema? pt. 3

How to do a Coffee Enema?


In this section I will tell you how I do a coffee enema.  I am not giving you medical advice.  But I have found this way to be effective and easy for me.  


The way that I do a medicinal coffee enema is more like an advanced suppository.   


As I explain this, it may sound like it is complicated and time consuming, but it is not.  Once you get the hang of it,  it is wham bam thank you ma’am.  


By the way, there are suppositories with coffee in them, and they are commercially available.  They have some of the same medicinal effects but they do not do the cleaning of the colon and other things, but it will deliver the coffee into the liver for a good liver cleanse.


You will need an enema bottle,

enema bottle

a clock or timer is helpful but not absolutely essential,  good water, and good coffee [not decaffeinated, some prefer organic].   [Some like to use a little oil, mineral oil, coconut oil, olive oil, to lube the insertion nipple.  I do not use anything, and it works fine for me.]


Prepare the coffee.  The purest says boil the coffee, which is how we made the morning drinking coffee when I was a boy on the ranch.  But however you normally prepare it is fine.   So if you normally make coffee in the morning make two cups worth extra at the same time.  


I cheat.  I use good instant coffee.  That way all I have to do is mix up a little in the enema bottle.  [A little funnel is nice.]  


The normal enema bottle is 4.5 ounces.  First I put good water half way full in the bottle and then I put in the rest regular coffee.  This is very weak.  


I do a quick enema immediately with this bottle. This is not about the coffee as much as it is about cleaning out the lower intestines so that the medicinal enema will have less around to interfere with the absorption of the real herbal enema.   


Most people do this on the bathroom floor or in the bathtub.  Instructions are in the box when you get the enema bottle.  


Do not worry about getting every drop out of the bottle.  Just get what you easily can inside your colon.  If you are holding it in well, do a second one in the same way.  Do not try to hold it in just evacuate your colon as soon as you can.  If you must evacuate, before the second one just do it and do not worry.  Then do the second enema.  You will overall have taken in about 8 ounces of liquid.  This is a fast process.  


When you have evacuated as much as you can of the 8 ounces, you are ready for the medicinal enema.  This time use full strength coffee, extra strong if you have it ready.  However this time you will only take in about one ounce to one and a half ounces.  This will be much easier to hold in.   


Hold it in and wait for absorption time.  Surely there has been some absorption in the first two, but that was not the purpose there.  Because of the quickness, it was a minimal amount.


The ancients used to hold it in for 15 to thirty minutes.  But I found another timing schedule.  For whatever medicinal agent you are using, at 6 minutes it is said that you have started absorbing.  [Surely you got some before that.]  Then at 12 minutes it is considered that you have taken in a full dose.  They generally say that after 20 minutes you will not be taking in anymore.  These are broad generalization, but they are a good rules of thumb.  


So the target time is 12 minutes.  Let’s say that you make it to 10 minutes; that is o.k. you have received some medicinals.  But say at 4 minutes you have to go.  Go.  Then do another enema like the third one.  Then you make it to 8 minutes.  You have waited for a total of 12 minutes.  You are done.  


Now you can evacuate your bowels, or if you do not need to do that, do not worry.  I have found that when I am through that little amount has been almost completely absorbed.  


The first few times you do this you may have some problems holding.  But you will develop that muscle.  I just do it now and go about my business just noting the time that it will be when the 12 minutes have passed.  I seldom have to go to the toilet after that.  I just go about my regular business as if nothing was going on.  


[A trick –  The less you think about maybe having to go the easier it is not to have to go.  Get busy on something else and forget about it.  But after 12 minutes if I feel the need to go, I just go as if it nothing out of the ordinary.]
That is my formal way.  I sometimes when pressed for time, just do the last enema, one to one and a half ounces, full strength, and go about my business.  No fuss no muss.  It is super fast, like a suppository.    



Medicinal Enema  Pt. 7

Medicinal Enema Pt. 7

See previous parts for important information.

What is This about Coffee Enema? pt. 2

What Is A Coffee Enema?  

Coffee enemas work different than drinking coffee.  

 drinking coffee

The bowels have two circulatory systems.  While the first supplies the intestines with blood for sustaining the intestinal tissues, the other system, the portal system, is a critical system.  It takes all of the absorbed nutrients from the intestines and sends them straight to the liver for further processing.   


When you eat or drink, contrary to popular belief, it does not zipline


nutrients straight into your blood. Only a little bit does, the little bit that is absorbed in the mouth, esophagus, and stomach.  All the other nutrients that you will absorb go into your portal system and straight to your liver, not to the general bloodstream. This means that the nutrients are processed by your liver before making it into your blood.


But when coffee is introduced into your colon, it is absorbed directly into the liver through the colon wall. Coffee has a special attraction to the liver, and moving it there from the colon is very different than sending it to the liver by drinking it.  When coffee is ingested by mouth, many of its herbal properties can be minimized by the digestion process.


In Chinese medical terms, most people nowadays are too yin especially the aged and infirmed.  Yin means in one sense cold.  In western terms we might use the term ill for cold.  In the Bible I remember a description once of a old sick man was “his body gat no heat.”  


One problem with most natural remedies such as vitamins and herbs and medicines is that they often tend to make the body even more yin. When your temperature rises, it is you natural body’s response to cause healing of disease, injury, infection and such.  


On the other hand, coffee is a more yang.  It becomes much more yang when roasted thoroughly and boiled. This processing also gets rid of some of the caffeine, which is a yin substance.  [That is why too much caffeine is not good for you.]


Remember though that some caffeine is necessary for the desired medicinal effects of a coffee enema.  Do not use decaffeinated coffee. The decaffeination process creates several side effect problems too.


The yang quality of coffee makes for a general enema advantage over other herbal, natural, and medical methods of liver and colon cleanse.  Other herbal recipes are helpful for specifically targeted problems.  But for a general enema and liver cleanse coffee enema is a generally preferable choice.


Who would have thought it, but coffee enemas help you to relax the sympathetic nervous system. This is true even though the caffeine is a stimulant.  So say this effect comes from the stimulation of two important parasympathetic organs, the liver and the the large intestine.  Another reason may be that coffee enema removes toxins from the body fast.  


While hydration may seem minor, it is not.  And this can be a major plus for doing coffee enemas.  Chronic dehydration is a quiet epidemic today. Why is there so much dehydration, first and foremost is not drinking enough water.  

glass of water

Some types of water do not hydrate the body that well. One example is reverse osmosis water.   Also some things we eat aid in body dehydration like sugars, over caffeine, alcohol, and high sodium foods.   


If you add several cups of water in the coffee enema, this will improves this situation.  I usually use much less than that for a medicinal enema, but for dehydration ….


Your body can create toxins. The is called autointoxication.  Most of the time this has to do with fermenting or rotting of partially digested food.  It is caused by bacteria and yeast.  Much of this putrefaction happens in the large intestines.  


I heard of news report of one man who was arrested for drunk driving.  And his blood test verified that he was drunk driving.  

drunk driving

He swore that he had not been drinking.  He went to the doctor, and it was found that the yeast and bacteria in his gut was creating alcohol.  His body itself was setting him up for cirrhosis of the liver.  This was an extreme case of autointoxication.


 This can also result in gas, bloating, and foul smelling stools. When your colon is not clean from such you can self destruct.  

self destruct

By cleaning the colon of yeasts, parasites and other pathogenic organisms, and by increasing the bile flow, coffee enemas may reduce or eliminate this autointoxication.


Coffee enemas can assist lymphatic drainage which occurs in something called “the Peyer’s patches”.

Peyer’s patches

These important lymph glands  are found in certain parts of the small intestine. Even though the coffee, properly given, does not go up as far as the small intestines, the coffee enema can help  the Peyer’s patches because of the reflex effects of cleansing the lower large intestines.


If your colon is not working correctly in eliminating toxins, the body must use alternative elimination channels. So elimination of toxins goes to a backup elimination organ, the skin.  


This can result in skin  problems like dermatitis, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Your skin is taking up the slack for inadequate elimination by means of the liver and colon. Coffee enemas, by improving elimination in liver and colon, helps the skin.



Medicinal Enema  Pt. 6

Medicinal Enema Pt. 6

See previous parts for important information.

What is This about Coffee Enema?


What Is A Coffee Enema?

a cup of coffee

A coffee and enema is not new.  Both are a very ancient choice for many problems.   The ancients had herbal hydrotherapy procedures in which you fill an enema bag or bucket with coffee-water, then by a tube feed it into the colon.  They would then hold it in for 15 to 30 minutes.  After the time was up, they would evacuate the bowels and needed.


This is not new stuff.  The practice has been around for thousands of years, in herbal medicine, folk medicine, and shamanic healing.  This was even found in the the Dead Sea scrolls:

a dead sea scroll

“…seek, therefore, a large trailing gourd, having a stalk the length of a man; take out its inwards and fill it with water from the river which the sun has warmed. Hang it upon the branch of a tree, and kneel upon the ground before the angel of water, and suffer the end of the stalk of the trailing gourd to enter your hinder parts, that the water may flow through all your bowels. Afterwards rest kneeling on the ground before the angel of water and pray to the living God that he will forgive you all your past sins, and pray the angel of water that he will free your body from every uncleanness and disease. Then let the water run out from your body, that it may carry away from within it all the unclean and evil-smelling things of Satan.”


Well, we have better ways to do that today than stuffing a gourd up your behind.  


Until about 1984, coffee enema procedures could be found in the Merck Manual, which is the handbook used by physicians the world over.  


What is the reason for coffee enemas?


We live in a world of toxins and pollution.  Heavy metals, food additives, pesticides, herbicides, prescriptions over the counter drugs, the list seems endless.  Cleansing the body is not a luxury;  it is becoming more of a must do to protect our health.   So the main reason for using a coffee enema would be to remove toxins from the body.  


Here are some things that coffee enemas can do for you.  


Obviously the first reason is to clean and heal the colon.  


Next you can use it to detoxify the liver. If someone has a problem related to the liver I often suggest a liver cleanse.   When they ask me how, I mention the herbs that many use, but I have for years told friends that I believe the best liver cleanse is done by coffee enema.   


A coffee enema can increase hydration in the body.  If someone has not been taking in enough water, more water will be taken in enema time.  


Coffee enemas have been used historically to lessen some types of  chronic pain.  It is worth a try for your pain.  If you have the correct type, you will find relief.  If not, you have cleaned your colon and that has been healthful.  


Coffee contains special forms of the two minerals selenium and zinc.  These forms are very bio absorbable through the rectum. This is one of the reasons why the enzymatic activity of coffee upon liver is such a great detox.


A good full coffee enema tends to help eliminate many parasites.  

a intestenal paracites

Surprisingly a coffee enema may help with depression, confusion, general tension and emotional issues.  

a emotional problem

There is a relation to strong emotions and bowel.  Jesus once felt sorry for a widow woman and the text says he had compassion for her.  That word literally translated might read  “his bowels move within him”.  Clean the descending bowels with a good coffee enema in times of profound emotion.


A coffee enema can increase your mental clarity and energy levels, while reducing moodiness or anger.


These are just to name a few.  A good thing is just to do a coffee enema and note the subtle or profound changes that you might observe.  



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