Guardian Angels Pt. 2

Guardian Angels Pt. 2

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What do Angels Look Like?


There is no single answer to this?  Sometimes they are not seen and unmanifested in a form.  Sometimes they may look like fire in the burning bush Exodus 3:2.  Angel may appear fearsome invoking great fear Luke 1:11-13.  They may appear like men; in the case of Balaam the angel was holding a sword like a man.   


They may take on animal appearance.  When you see the four creatures in Revelation before the throne of God, one appeared as a lion, then a calf, next a man, and finally as an eagle.    They are saying, “Holy, Holy, Holy.”  Three times holy this is exactly what the seraphim, angels, were saying before the throne of God in Isaiah 6.


These are a few examples of descriptions of angel found in the Bible.  The description of angels are as wide or wider in the non biblical literature, e.g., the fetches, fylgja, familiars, fairies, earth elementals, omen, demi gods, etc.   It seems that angels have no set appearance.  


However, they will manifest in whatever visual appearance is necessary to fit the situation.  In each particular situation they use their appearance as part of doing their ministering service purpose.  [There can also be their none appear with their action.  If they are effective without appearing they do not manifest in a form.]

The angel in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” had to do some deed to get his wings.  And a bell would ring when an angel gets his wings.  That was a cute story.  In the real universe if the angel needed wings to aid his message he would have had wings.

Their appearances are culturally augmented.  It is kind of like they are using cultural archetypes to relate to the audience of the message.  For example the angel was seen in the fire surrounding the burning bush. But that fire did not consume the bush.  

burning bush

Moses could see that the message was playing with fire.  But the fire was not destructive to the bush.  The fire he would bring back to Egypt would not consume him, that is he would be protected.  The appearance of this angel supplemented the message.  


In the Runic tradition the angel might appear in their archetypal system.  For example, if they were meditating about a situation and they were sorting out the answer, then a solution came into their head.  How would they know that this was the correct solution?  


When searching for messages [solutions]  a person of the runes would often go into the grove.  Upon the solutionary thought coming into his head, a squirrel poked its little head from around a tree.


And then he disappeared from sight.  That might be viewed as an angelic message [an earthly angel] to listen to that thought.  [In Proverbs of the Bible we are admonished to consider the ants.]  The squirrel took messages between the worlds on the world tree in their folklore.  It could be a situational appearance of an angel.  


Solomon in Proverbs 30 said you can consider the ants and learn messages from them.  When something stands out to you, you can consider that as a form manifestation of a guardian angel.  That message was sent in a form that you are able to receive it.  It may be the a appearance of a guardian angel.  You just might be encountering an angel unaware Hebrews 13:2.  Do not expect to see a winged spirit off an artist’s canvas to appear to you.   It will appear as apropos to your situation.  


In the Indian tradition the person might be meditating on a problem or situation.  In the vision of meditation a cobra came to him and bared his fangs.  


That could be a cultural manifestation of an angel bringing the message that the gods are on his side.  He had received the message of protection in the appearance of the angel.  


If something unusual should happen to you, check the memory banks of your symbology, cultural and personal, and listen to the appearance as an angel bringing you a message wrapped up in his chosen form of appearing.  God is always speaking, but we are seldom listening.  


I had a man ask me about a recurring dream he had been having.  There was a model T Ford car driving up in front of him.  

model t


He could not see who was in the car and then it moved on.  


I ask him what he thought of when he thought of a model T.  He said he thought of his father who drove a model T.   


I said,  “There you go.   What is your dad trying to tell you when he  comes and moves on?”  


The man had been thinking about changing something in his life.  His dad came and moved on.  It was time to move on.  It was time to follow the lead [message] from his dad.


We could get into a lot of things about how the subconscious works in psychology with archetypal symbols.  But we can functionally think of this as a guardian angel experience.  


His dad had come into his head as a type of chthonic angel.  [Remember Samuel coming to Saul, in a more explicit manifestation.]  This can happen subtly [in archetypal manner] or explicitly.  The man knew that he was protected to change and moved on at that time.  

Distance Rune Protection?

Distance Rune Protection?

Can runes protect others at a distance?


What you can do up close you can also do at a distance. Our only limitation is our imagination.

I had a friend who’s son was sent to Afghanistan. Naturally this mother was worried for his safety.

One day she thought to ask her fetch, fylgja, or guardian angle (different names for the same thing) about protecting him.



The panther fetch agreed.

A few days later she started hearing strange stories. The men in her son’s outfit had a few days off. They were thinking about a visit to a near by village. While getting ready to go, he had something tell him do not go. Then he got a glimpse of his mother’s fetch. “If you go something bad will happen to you.”

He decided not to go. After telling his buddies, they decided not to go.

That day at the time they would have been there, there was truck bombing. Many were killed. However he and his friends were protected.

Similar incidents started to happen. It became so well known that this man could tell a safe situation from a danger zone that the officers started to consult with him about which way to go in certain circumstances.

Like my previous article on protecting others in general this is the same process the mom saw her fylgja, asked her fetch, and sent the guardian angel.

There is no big ritual involved. This is a mental magic.

There is no need to repeat the magic. Just do it, know that it is done and be thankful for the protection. Sometimes at a distance that is all you can do, but that can do more than you might think.

You are driving down the road, where there is an accident. As you drive by, send your guardian angle to protect. The car is on fire and someone is trying to get the door open. Send your fetch. It may be more helpful than you can imagine.

He may give the strength needed to open the door. We all have heard the stories of a car falling on a child and the little mom lifts the car and removes the child. Your fylgja may help this. It may do more than you think or know.

For that which we are about to receive we are truly thankful.

See now my page on rune magic for more info.

Also see now the page axiatonal lines. Having these run can increase you ability to do this and other types of magic, among other things.

Runes For Better Living?

How can runes help in life?

My alter-ego is myself as a vitki. Most of the work of ancient vitkis was done with help of fylgiar. In other systems these are called fetches, spirit guides, guardian angel, etc. these are all cultural depictions of the same thing.

Let us look at an example.

As some know, I had problems with a boss. She flew into rages of anger and bullied everyone.

One day she jumped me, and as to what I just said, “Not true.” The Bible says that a soft answer turns away wrath.

She literally got in my face trying to inflame an argument. She feeds off that stuff, energy vampire. Angry talk.

I called (mentally) my fetch, an aurochs, a now extinct giant wild bull of Europe.

Even in that small space I put him between her and me. I said nothing more and just looked in peace straight at her in the eye, unflinching. I remembered a runic saying, “From the west charges the bull to give me might and main.”

Everything immediately changed. Instead of the usual getting worse she got confused and could not find what to say. She took on a look of fear in her eyes. I thought how interesting.

There is another saying in ancient runes which came to mind. “To the east swims the dragon to the dread of my foes.” Her face strangely turned to dread.

That was strange because she was the boss and had all the power? No, the vitki has the dominant power when the foe is spiritually unarmed, and the vitki remembers to think runicly. (Sometimes I forget, and to that day I had forgotten with her.)

Finally she with slumped shoulders just walked off in a posture of abject defeat, not finishing what she was grasping at to say.

She has always gotten her way running over people and brow beating them. She was this time going no where and knew it. She was blocked.

Another person, who was there, the next day asked me what I had done. It was so stunningly obvious.

He has known her for over 25 years. He said he had never seen anything like that with her. He pointed out she started stuttering. (I had missed that happening.) He remembered out loud that she never backs down, and she did. He, shaking his head, continued, “You won. No one wins with her. What did you do?”

It was very powerful to be present when the incident happened, and made me feel in control of my space, very powerful.

The fetch, fylgja, or guardian angle is important to use when you need it in situations. I can think of nothing but my use of runic powers that gave this result. But the Bible does say a soft answer turns away wrath. However, the change came over her the very second that I called my fylgja between us.

It was like an impenetrable barrier sprang up and prevented her from bullying through. She was defeated by a secret of the runes.

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