How to be Still and Know

How to be Still and Know

Be Still

How to be still and thereby know …

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Alternative Ways of Knowing  Pt. 3

Alternative Ways of Knowing Pt. 3

See previous parts for important information.


Internal Dialogue To Know


We all talk to ourselves.  But did you know that you can learn from talking to yourself?  You can come to know what you should do by just listening to yourself sometimes.  


One thing that a lot of people do not realize is that we all have three minds.  

three minds

One is your conscious mind.  Then there is your subconscious mind.  Thirdly, there is your higher consciousness.  


When we are trying to figure things out, we are using our conscious mind.  When we are sorting things out we best use our subconscious mind.  And when we are telling ourselves something from the spiritual realm, we are using our higher consciousness.  


When we use our conscious mind, we are involved in our ego.  “I can figure this out.”  


So we sit around cogitating.  “I am smart enough to solve this, this way.”  And sometimes that is true.  But often we are just beating our heads against the wall.


But there are those times when we just have to sleep on it.  You have collected enough or all the information, but the solution to the putting-it-together puzzle will not compute.


Thomas Edison understood this well.  


When he had a problem to solve and the answer was not cogitating out, he would take a nap.  When he awoke, he had the answer.  He so followed this pattern that he even had a daybed in his office.  Tesla did similarly.  


The information that you have at the front of you conscious mind when you go to sleep is sorted out by your subconscious.  It is not encumbered by the ego thinking it is smart enough to push forcibly square pegs into round hole.  The subconscious is without guile and will put it all together for you.  It just deals with the reality of what the reality is and not what your ego wishes to impose on reality.


When you understand this, it is often laughable to watch a scientist work.  He already “knows” how thing are supposed to work, and he keeps trying to make his experimentation work without regard to the reality that reality is not letting it happen.  

mad scientist

The definition of crazy is doing the same thing and expecting different results.  


Example, the generally accepted approach to major cancer has at best dismal results.  But the scientists and doctors keep doing the same things in general, albeit sometimes from different directions they attack the cancer.   Cut …  Poison … Burn.


Go take a nap


and let whatever comes out come out.  Then be happy with the answer even if it does not agree with what you have been taught and think about the universe.  You just wake up knowing.  Do not dismiss it.  Just taste it.   You will often be surprised.


Example, Dr. Simoncini, a Rome oncologist, was gathering facts about cancer.  He was disquieted with the dismal results of standard treatment.  He was though true to his learned view of treating cancer.


[This may be an oversimplification.]   In collecting information he noticed that all cancers have candida in them.  This is well known in the scientific research.  One morning he had an epiphany.  I believe from his subconscious which sorted it out.  


If all cancers have candida, get rid of the candida, and there will be no cancer.  


He started using ways to cleanse the body of candida.  And he had stunning results with stage 4 cancer patients, i.e., they were not dying.  Some completely remitted and others reversed or stabilized.   


He broke with the convention of ego. “I can not have been doing it wrong all these years.”  His new approach did not involve cut, poison, and burn the cancer.  It was dealing with, treating, the candida.  If all cancers have candida, and the candida is eliminated.  Then it might follow that there could be no cancer.  


First, that is too simple.  And second, it does not deal with accepted ways to treat cancer which is treat cancer.  The new protocol is treat the candida, and let the cancer take care of itself.  That is thinking outside the box by stopping using the ego and letting the subconscious sort out all the information you have gathered.  


Listen to your deep internal conversation and not your ego or the established conventions.  


[I am not giving medical advice.  Just illustrating about internal dialogue.]


Well what about the higher consciousness.  Where does it come in with internal conversation.


The higher consciousness is the mind that is directly connected to the source, the universal mind, God.  When that kicks in you will always have surety of the information.  Do not second guess.  Move that direction.  


The answers it gives may be connected with the conscious mind or the subconscious, or it may speak on its own out of the blue.


Here is how you can know this internal voice.  Your internal dialogue comes in two ways.  It either uses the first person pronoun or the second.  


Just for example, you are walking into the convenience store, and after seeing the lotto machine, out of nowhere you internally say to yourself, “I need to buy of lotto ticket.”  You have used the first person to address yourself.  That is ego talking.  “I need to … I can win now …”  It is related to your conscious mind and is not your higher consciousness talking to you.  It may or may not be right.  


One time I had a job that the boss was causing me so much stress, and I hated to go to work every morning.  I would often hear, as I drove to work, the internal conversation pop up.  It would say, “I need to look for another job.”  I wrote that off as ego and did not follow the advice of my internal conversation.  


One day, a day off,  I was driving, and I remember it well.  I stopped at a stop light

stop signal

and was listening to the radio and happy that it was a day off.  Lost in the music, a voice popped up and said,  “You need to look for another job.”  You?   I knew that was my higher consciousness talking to me.  


I was right down the street from a shop in my trade that was looking for someone.  I had worked with the owner before.  But the shops were closed on that day.  And I was wondering how I would get off my other job to look for the new job.  


As I drove past the shop, I noticed the owner’s’ car.  So, I stopped in.  He was cleaning up his shop and just happened to be there.  [Some say there are no coincidences.]   We talked and he understood about the reputation of the other owner.  He said I could work there.  


I accepted the offer. He wanted me to start the next day.  But I thought the honorable thing was to give two weeks notice.  So he agreed and said if she lets you go when you tell her come on to work.


The next morning I went in ready to give my notice.  The boss met me at the door.  She said that we had been having too many problem.  And if things did not go better, this would be my last day there.   


I smiled at her and walked over and loaded up my equipment.  [Two weeks notice works both ways.]   Just for a gig,  before I left, I handed her the address of the other shop and said she could forward my mail there.  I had a job waiting.  


Listen to the second person internal conversation.


A word of caution is needed here.  Now that you know the different pronouns and their importance in internal conversation, the ego knows it too.  


Make sure that your ego has not played the sneaky boy.  It may try to change the I to a you.  If the your conversation pops up out of nowhere and it starts out you, then it is the real thing.  If it starts out I and changes to a you, then it is the ego trying to trick you.  This a way for the ego to feel more powerful.  


Poof, you.  = Higher consciousness.  

Poof I and then you.  = ego.

Poof, I.  = ego.



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