Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies   Pt. 22

Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 22

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Laying on of Hands Therapy

laying on of hands

I am not here to argue for a theological doctrine, but I will point out somethings here for clarity.  The Bible does talk about laying on of hands that is related to miracles.  That is not what I am talking about here.  Those type miracles have ceased as of about 70 a.d.  That being said the Bible does talk about laying on of hands in the non miraculous sense also.  


In the energic world there are vibrations that we can uses in healing.  One way to used these is the laying on of hands for healing purposes.  It is not so much that we are doing something, but we are aiding in the connection.  The vibration naturally does its work.  We are just witnesses of the results.  


We have to be educated not to remember this simple ancient healing therapy, for it is so true that it is instinctive.  If the baby does not feel good,

 sick baby

what is the first thing that is usually done.  There is this primal instinct that reemerges to touch the baby.  Sometimes it is expressed in a holding or a rubbing; sometimes it is as simple as a touch.  


Kenneth Cohen wrote about his first experience with Chinese Energy Healing.  He was teaching martial arts and exercise when one of his students came to him with a question.  She had been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst.  


Because Mr. Cohen was in the Chinese arts, she wondered if he knew anything about the medical practices.  The doctors wanted to remove her ovaries, but she was young and wanted to have children someday.  He had read about some healing practices and said he would try, but he did not know what he was doing on a practical level.  


He just laid his hands on the area above the problem and thought about life force energy doing the healing.  He was not per se trying to heal.  He was more trying to feel in the laying on of hands.  


When the lady returned to the doctor, it was discovered the cyst had gone away.  That sounds too simple to be true, but I often am told stories like this.  


A lady told me that she had a friend that had a stomach cancer.  And she, while thinking about God’s love, laid over the cancer area her hands.  And the cancer was found to have remitted.  


The editor of my books and I went out for a business supper.  After which, we returned to my house and were on my computer doing some work.  The spicy supper had not agreed with her, and she began to develop bad indigestion.  


I have a massage table near my computer, because I, like Edison, take a nap if I am having difficulty sorting out something.  [Notice the bed.]

edison bed

She laid herself on the table and was still talking about business.  I, while we talked, was sitting near and just placed my left hand over the place of the indigestion problem.  In a few minutes she had full relief.  The next day I asked her how long that it worked, and she said that the problem did not return.


This has worked for me with knotted up muscles.  I was helping a friend that had some lower back muscle problem.  He was in pain as I tried to find the right trigger point to release it.  I could not.  


Then I remembered something that I had learned from Chunyi Lin.  He had suggested that if there is a muscle knot, do not try to do anything.  Just gently, almost no pressure, touch the knot and wait and feel the knot.  [That is a form of simple laying on of hands.]


When I set aside my healing ego and just laid on hands, I could feel the knot begin to melt like butter.  One knot after another worked the same way.  I just felt for the knot and when I found it I just laid my hand upon it and waited.  Too simple too be true, but it worked like a miracle.


Try this too simple a therapy, find the problem and just lay hands on it.  Do not try to do anything.  Just lay hands on it.  Without trying to do anything with it, you might think about God’s love,  peace, healing, or chi energy.  Do not try to do anything.  Just simply and gently lay hands on the problem.  When mama lays hands on the sick baby, she is thinking this will make him feel better, and it does.  


One of the healing therapies of the early 20th century was Eeman healing.  Without going into detail, it has to do with just the laying on of hand.  Mr. Eeman


healed himself from injury by this.


During World War 1, Mr. Eeman was in a plane crash.  He was hurt so badly that the doctors told him that he would be bedridden for the rest of his life.  As an engineer, he had an idea as to how the body would heal.  Viewing the body as electric, he thought that if he could get the electricity flowing right in his body, it would heal itself.  He completely healed himself.  


Eeman’s innovation was to stimulate electricity in the body to flow unobstructed through the body.  He was able to identity the positive and negative poles in the body.  One such polarity he found was that the dominant hand is positive and the non dominant hand is negative.


So if you put your negative hand in the positive hand of the other persons, while putting you positive hand in the other person’s negative hand, your are making a complete circuit.  By this you are causing the electricity to flow.  Bingo.  Healing would follow after faithfully using this type of laying on of hands therapy.


In general, if there is a particular problem, you place your positive hand on the negative side of the problem area and you negative hand on the positive side of the problem.  I am being very general here.  Healing would follow a series of these therapy session.  


He was not doing anything, just making the connection, just laying on of hands.  This is not instantaneous therapy.  By that I mean you have to maintain the connection for a while in each session.  


I have noted that there comes a time at about 10 to 12 minutes that the circuit opens up, and you can move to the next positive and negative connection.  You can feel the difference when the full correct energy flow turns on in the circuit.  I generally do three general circuits [four if I do not have a specific problem point] and one problem area circuit.  That is forty to forty eight minutes for a therapy session.  The session then is around usually 45 minutes.  


This therapy involves doing nothing or thinking nothing.  It is just the laying on of hands.  The electrical vibration of nature does the healing work.  It is devoid of stress on the healer.  


There is one lady who comes to me with migraine headaches, when they are so bad that nothing can moderate them.   For her, at the end of an Eeman therapy session, the migraine is gone.  


It is just the laying on of hands therapy in almost a classic way.  The only difference is getting the poles right.  One time I had person come to me with a cluster headache.  So assuming an electrical blockage, I put one hand on the spot of the headache and the other on the 7th cervical vertebra.  


I asked how that was and was told that the headache was worse.  So, I reversed my hands and the poles connected correctly, reversing polarity.  The headache disappeared in 45 seconds.  That was unusually fast, but it happened.  And I was just doing laying on of hands, nada mas.  I had no time to do anything more.  


I may be doing nowdays more Eeman Healing than any other type that I know.  I just lay on my hands, give it time, and observe.  


[They make something today called Eeman mats that you lay on, but it is not as effective as classical laying on of hands.]


Laying on of hands therapy is too simple to be true for healing, but it is.  


Emergency Alternative Healing?

Can you use alternative healings in emergency situations?

Yes. Why not; healing is healing?

In fact new physical injuries often respond more quickly than old injuries.

In the immediate injury situation I had one healer tell me to wave the palm of your hand in the air over the spot for a minute or two, and be prepared to be surprised. [I believe the old curanderos called this technique the broom. ]

You can either go back and forth or circular. Just feel where sensations are the strongest. The strongest may actually be farther back in distance from the injury than you may think.

That healer suggested that I could try it on myself if I bumped a knee, stumped a toe, or something like that. I tried it on a stumped toe. Normally it would hurt for a couple of hours. In a couple of minutes or less of waving my palm it was better. Granted it was not a major injury, but that gave me the confidence to put that in my bag of tricks.

Shortly after that I had the real test. A friend had an car accident. He was about a block down the road from where I was so I rushed over. I made it there before the EMS.

There was a stranger lady there with a painful neck injury. Great. Could be a major problem? I thought.

I went over and asked her how she was. She started telling me about the accident.

I had at first when I went over placed my hand behind her neck were she was obviously hurting and had begun the waving circling movements looking for sensations in her aura.

While we talked, she suddenly stopped. “What are you doing?” she asked.

I explained that I did vibrational healing. She said, “I know you do healing? I can feel it.” There came on her a face evidence of fading neck pain.

We talked maybe 30 seconds more and suddenly concern came into her face. I thought what now.

She said almost sternly, “You better stop or the doctor may not be able to find anything.”

I laughed and moved on. I thought to myself, “Isn’t that the point?”

Yes, there is often benefit in alternative healing in emergency situations.

Please now check out my pages on alternative healings that I do, because there is more information there. These can also be done at a distance.

Does Eeman healing work?

Eeman healing works?

A lady had a headache all day. By the time I saw her in the evening, it had focused into terrible pain at the base of the skull.

She had been taking all kinds of over the counter meds and some heavy prescriptions. However there had been no relief.  It was hurting so bad that she moaned every once in a while.

She looked at me and cried, “You’re supposed to be a healer.”

I walked over and placed my index and middle finger (in chi gong they call that the sword finger) on the spot of pain. My other hand sword finger touched on the c-7 vertebra. She got a pained look on her face. I asked if it that was worse. She said yes.

So, I alternated hands. I asked if that was better, and she said yes. (That has to do with positive and negative points, but no details here.).

With my fingers resting on the two points I just waited. I did not try to massage or apply pressure. I just made the electrical circuit. I did not try to do anything. I was just in passive concentration on sensations. There was nothing to do but wait.

In less than a minute I on instinct said, “It’s better now.” I removed my fingers.

She looked at me with wide eyes and mouth open. The headache was gone.

Her body’s electrical system blockage had been opened. And electricity flowed. No more problem. It was too simple to be true.

Eeman may work well with many problem, illness, injury, stress, and other maladies. It may heal or speed healing in surprising ways.

One problem when Eeman works this fast. Some people think that it can not be that simple a solution, and they think themselves back into a headache or whatever their problem was.  So it is best to do a full session.

Also some times when one blockage is opened the pain moves to another spot as the correct flow there reveals the next blockage. You then do the next next one or more until electric flow is fully restored.

Every one is an individual and every problem is individual.

Some times Eeman starts a process of healing as electricity flows now correctly.

Some times it is used for a general body electric tune up.

In major cases generally a minimum of three sessions is recommended where sessions last a longer period of time, fifteen minutes to an hour.

Eeman is just too simple. But it works. In the Bible this is called the laying on of hands.

See now my pages please on augmented reconnective style healing, Eeman, pendulum, hypnosis/autogenics, runes, exorcism, etc. because as you can imagine there is more info.

I work in San Antonio, TX, but I also do distant work.

Eeman Electric Touch For Sinus Promlem?

Eeman Electric Touch For Sinus Promlem?

Eeman Electric Touch For Sinus Promlem?

Eeman involves opening blockages in the body’s electrical system.

You touch positive pole points in the patient’s body to your negative hand and negative pole points in the client’s body to your positive hand. This completes an electric circuit. When the circuit is held long enough with passive concentration, blockages are opened, electricity flows correctly, and the body heals itself. Sometimes instantly. Sometimes organically in time faster than normal you experience healing.

This healing modality can be seen in the Bible as the “laying on of hands”. In some metaphysical healing modalities it may be seen as a form of “palming”.

I had a lady come with a sinus headache. I in passive concentration laid hands creating three circuits over a thirty minute session..

After session she told me that when I started a spot at the area of her headache began topulse with irregular beating. It felt like I was tapping her head. But she knew my hands where no where near there; I was working with the spinal column.

Her nose had started to run, indication that the problem was opening up. She was using tissues left and right. She had dry sinuses before. Things were moving out that needed to be cleared. The headache was diminished and on the way out.

You can learn how to help other with Eeman in one of my healing classes. It works on a variety of problems, mind body and spirit.

Or you can arrange a spiritual healing session with me.

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