Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies   Pt. 1

Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 1

Preface Pt. 1


Sometime we look for the complicated solution.   We may think that the complicated way is the best.  But often the complicated way is not the best way or even the way that would work.  This is true of self healing and the work of healers.  


Once I was at a man’s house, and he had locked himself out.  

locked out


I knew the house and remembered a way to get in.  Upon arriving I found the man at the back door taking the door off the henges.  He had found a few tool of the wrong kind and was hard at work.  

I told him he did not have to remove the door.  There is a simpler way.  He got mad at me and said he was not about to call a locksmith.  He explained that a little sweat was worth it to save some money.  He was so upset with the situation I just decided to do it the simple way for him, while he struggled to dismantle and remove the back door.


I knew that in his garage there was of pull down door into the attic.  Inside his house there was a pull down door into the attic for the central heating unit.  

a attic door

I went into his garage and lowered the latter into the attic.  As I was going up the latter, I laughed as I heard him complaining that I was not helping him.  I shouted back that I would be there in a second.  


I stepped into the attic and went to the other drop down door.  After entering the house, I put the drop door back up.  Then, I opened the back door and said, “I am ready to help you take this door off that needs to be taken off now.”  He was in shock as to how I had done that.  


We have an old saying in the Texas Hill Country.  There is more than one way to skin a cat.  


We get fixated on dealing with things or doing something one way, and we sometimes can not see the forest for the tree.  Most of the time that way is not the only way.  And there is a simpler way to do it.


A pregnant lady was brought to me one time for hypnosis.  The doctor had declared her over due.  

pregnancy overdue

[I am making a long story short.]  The medical advice was that if in a week she did not deliver they were going to do a c-section.  [This is complicated and dangerous for the mother and new medical evidence is that is dangerous for the child.  That being said, sometimes that has to be done.]  In this situation there was an alternative, because there was time.


She was brought to me to ask about hypnosis for this situation.  


I said it is possible to get the natural birth sequence started with hypnosis.  When being trained in hypnosis, they taught us how to do it so we would not inadvertently induce a birth at the wrong time.  [There is also an easy way to do this with acupuncture.  I had a doctor from China tell me about it.]


I did the hypnosis and inside of two days she had a natural child birth.  Everything went physically in smooth correct order.  Yes, a c-section would have gotten the baby out.  But the complicated way is not always the best way.  
The doctor would have never thought hypnosis would have worked.  But it can.  Nothing is 100%, but when there is time the simple way is worth a try.  

… to be continued

Doctors Dismiss Hypnosis?

Doctors Dismiss Hypnosis?

Why is hypnosis not more commonly used by doctors?

The answer may at least be two fold. There are some ignorant operators, and there are some ignorant doctors. Notice I said ignorant not dumb. There is on both sides often ignorance.

Hypnosis is not rocket science.



Almost anyone can direct a person into trance state. The ignorance problem may raise its head in what is done after the trance state is achieved. Once you have them there, what are you doing?

For example, hypnosis is often used as an aid in natural child birth.



Done correctly and in tandem with sound medical advise it can be a plus.

In ignorance some operators may direct the mother into a mental place to avoid pain.

I talked to a doctor once who told me that he did not recommend hypnosis in the delivery situations because the women, in his experience, become so detached from the process that they did not listen to his directions in the delivery room.

birthing aid


That was operator ignorance. With whatever pain diminishing hypnosis system is used, the operator should blueprint the lady to “always be attentive to the instructions of the medical staff”. This, if imprinted on the subconscious, will cause the patient to instinctively listen to the doctor while doing the pain releasing part of the hypnotic preparation. The doctor then should find hypnosis not a negative but a positive.

Ignorant operator practice in this situation makes for ignorant medical opinion about the possible benefits of hypnosis.

There is some ignorance in the medical community itself.

Consider this example. I was doing pre surgery hypnosis once when the young anesthesiologist came in. She intently watched what I was doing. Later she called me out in the hall and talked for a long time to me about it.

As you may imagine, anesthesiologists are more respective to the idea of hypnosis. It is a known way to do anesthesia.

She said something that stuck out like a sore thumb to me.

“It was interesting to see that done. In specialty school we read about it, but I never saw it done.”

If an anesthesiologist has no practical experience with it, surely regular doctors are even more ignorant. It has been my experience that most of what doctors think about hypnosis are things that old wives tales are made of. While good at what they do, they know about as much as most people know about hypnosis.

So for them hypnosis is not generally on their radar scope.

[This is not true about all doctors. I knew one anesthesiologist, an old man, trained in the old school medical school, who was an accomplished hypnotist.]

The reason why hypnosis is not used by doctors is ignorance.

Check out now please my page on hypnosis and autogenics, because there is more info. Thank you.

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