Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies   Pt. 12

Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 12

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Walking Therapy



Obviously walking therapy is related to movement therapy, but there has been so much research on walking, just walking, that it deserves a section to itself.  It is too simple to be a healing therapy, but it is.  


You do not need to buy a lot of fancy equipment; just start walking.  You do not have to pay some gym for a running track.; just start walking.  You do not have to feel the burn; just start walking.  Those things may be o.k. but they are not necessary.  Walking is a simple proven to be true healing therapy.


One study found that statistically that modern man sits for between 10 and 12 hours a day.  This is abnormal to our ancient roots in the hunter gatherer societies.  One of the problems with a lot of sitting is that your tailbone is not allowed to move.  We do not realize it but our tailbone is our tail.  It moves like any tail on other animals.  


When we freeze our tail in place it begins to cause many problems.  In qigong the masters talk about this.  They even have exercises to move the base of the spinal column.   One of their healing therapies is tapping the tailbone to get it moving again.  


One example of this is infertility and sexual disfunction.  When the tail is freed up and moving the problems go away. Chunyi Lin
chunyi lin

introduced me to this as a therapy.


He had a couple come to him for infertility, and he suggested tapping each other’s tailbone.  So the husband and wife did a little of that morning and evening, and within a month she became with child.  


These two [or at least one of them] had by having sitting jobs frozen the tailbone, and it needed to be loosened up and moving.  With this tail movement the energies in the body move and the normality of bodily processes return, especially in the lower parts of the body.  


Dr. Chang reminded me of this with my back.  My job at that time made me sit too much during the day.  My tailbone was locked up.   I did not realize that this was a problem.  


I started to have lower back problems coming on.  I knew that I could in agony force my way through it when it happened, but I did not want to go through the agony.  So, I went to my friend Dr. Chang for acupuncture, hoping to head it off at the pass.  [If the acupuncturist knows his business, it works like a miracle for lower back pain.]  


He did the treatment, and it worked.  Then he told me that I needed to start walking.  I knew he was right.  


You see, it turns out that the act of walking loosen the tailbone to move and reverses problems in the lower back.  It is similar in effect to tapping the tailbone.  Now when I think I am about to have a back problem, I start walking every morning, and it is handled in a couple of days, that is before I have a serious problem.  It is walking therapy.  And I do not have to walk to the pharmacy for painkillers and muscle relaxers.  To simple to be true, but it is.


It is well documented that sitting for a long time on long airplane flight can cause blood clots that can move to your heart and/or lungs, heart attacks and pulmonary embolisms.  If you are on a long flight, you need to stand up and walk a little every once in awhile.  It is walking therapy and by doing this you reduce the risk of having blood clot development from air travel sitting.  


Research now shows that walking 20 – 25 minutes a day [just steady walking]  triggers anit-aging effects in your body.  It also does DNA repair.  If the waling is brist, some research seems to indicate that you will add 3 to 7 years to you life.  


If you are sitting for over 8 hours there is a 90% increase in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.  You also have increased risk of heart disease and it has been connected with an increased risk of mortality from other causes.  You know from you own observation I am sure about the person that retires and sits around watching TV all the time.  They do not last that long once they move into that sedentary life style.  


Things do not have to be that way with a little walking therapy.


One suggestion that every hour, if you have to sit for a long time get up and walk for 2 minutes.  It researchers is claimed that this will give you a 33% increased lifespan on average.  


Walking reduces the possibility of stroke by 60%.  It is presented as a therapy that walking, brisk or not, for one to two hours a day reduces the risk by ⅓.  If you walk for 3 hours, the risk goes down ⅔.  That sounds like a lot, if you take an early morning walk of 45 minutes and go to the shopping for an hour and 15 minutes, two hours is in.   [You do not have to do it in one chunk.]   Then some other activities involving walking you are at 3 hours.   Just do not be so sedentary.  Do walking therapy.


One way that some suggest is using a step counter, pedometer,  


on your belt.  Shoot for 10,000 steps a day.  That is not as much as you might think if you are walking intentionally at times.  The average modern man does 3 to 4 thousand a day.  Move with walking therapy.   


The scientists say that walking, just walking, gives you better moods.  The brain releases endorphins.  Also, there is an improvement in sleep patterns.  Good sleep patterns are a healing and health booster.  They have noted better circulation, blood pressure, and blood lipid profile.  


Walking aids in maintaining your correct body weight.  There is an increased mental well-being.  


Taking walks reduces the risk of osteoporosis.  It lowers the risk of breast and colon cancers.  It reduces also the possibility of type 2 diabetes and aids in controlling it if you have it.  Walking therapy is too simple, but it is effective.


Muscle and joint pain can be reduced by walking.  Asthma and other respiratory problems are reduced or eliminated by walking.  PMS is mitigated with just taking walks.  And you will find that you have less stress.  


You energy level will increase when you regularly walk.  You immune system is boosted.  Your heart rate begins to normalize.   Fasting glucose levels in be blood come back to normal.  So it is good advise to tell someone to go take a hike.  


Walking therapy is too simple to be a healing therapy, but it is.  


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