Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #57

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #57

Entry 57 – Isa & Jera





There comes a time when you have done what needs to be done.  There is the to rest from all your doings.  Stop.  Be still and wait for the harvest.  

cotton field


There are things before the stop.  You must do what you must do.  But when you have done that which is necessary,  you must stop.  


Knowing this is grasping the secret of wisdom and the mystery of manifestation.  


The wise man is patient.   He waits in having that which shall manifest.  It is real now because he had done what needs to do.  It is also real when it comes, which is now.  

Unfocused manifesting?

Unfocused manifesting?

Does rune magic really work?

It can. And the energies of the rune need the direction of a focusing vitki (magician, shaman, practitioner) or there can be an increase in possible collateral damage.

Almost anyone can access the energies. But they can without intent to do such activate the Midas effect. As you know Midas wanted anything that he touched to turn to gold. That was very profitable until he touched his daughter, and she turned into a golden statue. His wish was granted, but was not focused.image




A focused vitki will not just decide to do something but will consider the ramifications of the wish and possible collateral damage.

This is particularly evident in a love magic illustration. Many who ask me to do rune magic for love are not asking for love, maybe companionship, maybe someone to support them, maybe someone to boost their ego, but not real love.

One conservative preacher, I was told, came, discretely because of the church morays on magic, looking for love because the church was indirectly pressuring him to marry and be “normal”. He was content in his marital situation. However, being single was affecting his career and who does not want to be normal, whatever that is. Now he had become desperate to marry.

In that situation love magic was not the needed focus for this preacher. The vitki told him that working on love magic was not the needed working. They needed to consider working on blockages in a single preacher’s relationship to the church.

However, the years of indirect pressure had imprinted on him that the answer was to find love and get married.

So the vitki finally agreed and did a working. What could be a problem; love and marriage is a good thing anyway, right?




Not necessarily.

Shortly, he met a lovely Christian lady. He fell madly in love with her and she with him. The magic worked. It was for love and marriage.

However, the lady although a good woman had a personality that created conflicts with the other ladies in the church. So, because of her personality, he began to move from pulpit to pulpit looking for a congregation that she could fit in with. The marriage was now affecting his career. He had the same problem from a different direction.

He had changed one problem (being a single preacher) into another (incompatibility of his wife with being a preacher’s wife). He did not get what he really wanted. He received what was asked for in the magic working.

The preacher later discovered that his wife had been married before they had married. He had married a divorcee. In that church that made him disqualified to be a preacher. He lost what he really wanted, but he got the product of the vitki’s working.

There are other magic operations that could of dealt with what that preacher really wanted, eliminating the blockages in his career.

In one of those for example the working might have been done in such a way as to seek the end desired, but leave the way to achieve the end up to the universe/God. Truly the way might have been love and marriage, but the universe would have been free to manifest its better judgement as to the how to achieve that end and not just called on to manifest a particular how.

Who knows, but what if the pressure to get married was off? Then he might have relaxed about love and marriage and a good and suitable partner might have come into his life also. (Sort of like a barren couple adopting a child, and shortly the wife becomes pregnant,)

[This is like when I do augmented reconnective style healing. I turn the choice of what is to be healed over to the universe/God. Often the best result is achieved in healing when something that I would not have thought of is healed. In that unexpected healing the presenting problem vanishes. (See now the page please on augmented reconnective style healing because imagine there is more info there.)]

A focused vitki may not try to manifest the how (love and marriage) but he may suggest manifesting the real desire (an unblocked relationship with the church in our illustration).

Maybe you should not ask for the lotto, but for financial security.

[I have a simple candle ritual that I may give to some that come to me for magic. It redirects the subconscious of the person from the how they want what they want to what they really want. This in some situations magnifies the rune magic that I may do.]

I guess the point is the old adage, be careful what you ask for because when the gods want to punish you they give you what you ask for.

Do not seek magic except under the guidance of a focusing vitki, like me. And then, listen to his advice.

See now the page please on rune magic because imagine there is more info there. Thank you.

Assent of man?

Assent of man?

Saying handed down from the ancient people of the runes.

If you don’t fight, you are killed; if you don’t hunt, you starve; if you don’t think, you live an empty life.

Is it so good that we have come a long way, Baby?


Secret messages in plain sight?

Secret messages in plain sight?

Often we are so involved in living our lives that we are are not seeing in our lives. We concentrate on the doing of our lives and never embrace the being of our lives.

I took a vacation with a friends once. She wanted to fly. I said no let’s drive.

She wanted to dash down the interstate. I looked at the map and found that it was much straighter to cut across over the back roads. But it would take more time.

Those back roads were the best part of the road trip.

The plane trip would have missed all of that. The interstate would have by passed most of it. The country roads gave us the way to enjoy the journey and not just the way to get there.

Slow down and take the time to “smell the roses”.

James Taylor had a song “Country Roads”.

Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Less Taken” ends with the line, “And that has made all the difference.”

Here is a way to move onto a slower more spiritual journey.

Anytime something happens, good or bad, stop and ask, “What are ‘you’ trying to tell me?”

Look … Listen … Stop and smell the roses.

That will make all the difference.



WisdomKnowledge is knowing that tomatoes are not fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to use them in a fruit salad.

There are many people with a head full of knowledge. That is important and helpful. But it is not wisdom.

Wisdom has to do with discretion about how to use what you know.

We had a saying in seminary. You see some who make straight A’s. Then you hear them “try” to preach. “He couldn’t preach his way out of a wet paper bag.”

It was sad. They knew every thing about homiletic devices, but they did not know how to deliver a sermon.

I see today many healers who know a lot about healing doings. But they are limited in their results because they do not have the wisdom to get past the knowing-doing thing and deliver the wisdom of healing being.

I guess that is way I am moved to be a coach.

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